EIGENGRAU Paper Bookmark

from This State And This Rain

Books are great. And with this EIGENGRAU paper bookmark you can do a lot of good: First, it's nice to your books. Instead of dog-earing your beloved sources of inspiration and knowledge, use one of those lovely dark bookmarks. Second, you support home-grown music. Not merely financially, but as a statement that music deserves to be cherished and valued. Third, you show me you appreciate my music, which is not only incredibly nice but also - back to point two - a big shout out to the small music industry that is going on in thousands of homes. Also, it's a nice gift to people who love to read and a nice hint to people who don't.
The price includes shipping and might include a little drawing/poem/thing I found somewhere on the street.

  €3 EUR or more 



This State And This Rain Salzburg, Austria

outbursts of boredom hailing from salzburg, austria.

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